Engineering Services

Our core manufacturing capability had always been metal spinning, but that did not set us apart from any other metal basher in the trade.

Mixing traditional manufacturing methods with modern high tech manufacturing technologies at our 40,000 square foot factory, allows us to be a truly unique metal spinning company.

As a company we realise that helping our customer’s manufacture their products as competitively as possible provides them with stability in the market place, which in turn provides us with same. At J D Burford, one of our primary goals has always been to pioneer new more dynamic ways of forming metal components without large tooling costs. An example of this is our unique robotic metal spinning process which allows for round the clock unmanned metal spinning for large quantity batches.

From metal pressing a component, metal spinning an end cap, to powder coating luminaires, we can do it all. However, when required, the greatest advantage of using our services is that we have so many manufacturing capabilities at one site. Unlike others in our field who claim to assist in the design and build of a component, we have learnt that the most appreciated supplier is the one that can build the whole product competitively and distribute it.

Industries we have worked in

Over the last 40 years we have developed an unrivalled reputation throughout the UK, and have built a vast customer base within varied sectors in the market place. These include:

  1. Communications
  2. Air Movement
  3. Domestic Lighting
  4. Commercial Lighting
  5. Medical and Scientific Instruments
  6. Shop Fitting and Retail Centres
  7. Specialist Architectural
  8. Clock Manufacturers
  9. Air, Oil and Water Filtration
  10. Chimney Ventilation
  11. Motor Sport


Engineering Capabilities

Our range of engineering skills and experience is extensive. Learn more abut our Engineering Capabilities here.