Miners Lamps

At J D Burford we are extremely proud of our national heritage. Our factory is situated right in the heart of what were in days gone by Welsh Coal fields where the now infamous welsh coal miners would work each day. This in many ways has given us the inspiration to manufacture our beautiful range of miners lamps.

As a declaration of authenticity, all the lamps that we manufacture here in Wales are stamped on the underside ‘MADE IN WALES’. We are proud to be the only officially Welsh Company manufacturing reproduction ornamental miner’s lamps. This means when you buy one of our lamps you are buying something that has a real connection with the mining heritage, made by the sons and daughters of actual miners.

Click here to view the range of the miner’s lamps we manufacture. Our lamps are available in a variety of different sizes and finishes from the all brass lamp, mostly used by the common miner, through to our “manager” type lamp manufactured in the more expensive materials of nickel effect combined with a brass base, that would have been used by the more superior and distinguished workers in the colliery as opposed to that used by the common miner.

You will also notice that we have a range of lamps available with a modern twist to provide a classic lamp that will still look perfect in a contemporary home. These lifestyle lamps are made using the same traditional means as the lamps above, but are available in retro style finishes providing a truly unique design.

Miners Lamps Range

Check out our range of  Miners Lamps here.