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Automated Metal Spinning Has It's Place

Daniel Burford - Tuesday, March 24, 2015
At J D Burford we operate a robotic metal spinning cell, which is proving to be extremely cost effective for metal spinning large volume components.  Robotic metal spinning gives us the advantage of undertaking the metal spinning process with very little human interaction. It negates the requirement for highly skilled, expensive metal spinners to have any input into the process at all, thus reducing costs for our customers accordingly.  Furthermore, the accuracy in tolerance is far superior than can be achieved using manual metal spinning techniques.  

Over the past 5 years, JD Burford has involved itself deeply in the research and development of making a fully automated robotic spinning work shop, in the hope that in future the company can progress to establishing a fully functioning, competitive setup whereby we could supply our customers with the same high standard of mental spinning services but at a reduced cost.  In our efforts we have purchased bespoke equipment that allows us to start our journey reducing human interaction within certain metal spinning processes and increasing machine interaction.  In house we have made gradual improvements and further developments to the original equipment that we purchased, which will eventuate in us creating and running our fully automated robotic facility.
That said there are always situations where a human metal spinner is more advantageous and proves to be far superior to a robotic metal spinning cell. For example, this is evident in the time taken to set a robotic metal spinning machine up.  It is a lengthy process by comparison to the same manual process; therefor
e, it is a process that requires volume production runs.

Furthermore quality is paramount to us and is what our whole reputation is based upon.  For example, J D Burford ltd is fantastic at making the perfect light reflector, high bay shades.  Our metal spinners are highly trained to produce these, and many customers buy their large domed light reflectors/shades from us because the quality of the shade surpasses any other on the market.  
During the metal spinning process the metal needs to be worked to shape.  With most other metal spinning companies there is visible evidence that the metal has been worked and spinning lines/slight stress marks become visible on finished component.  This is not the case for us as our metal spinners hold the skill and experience to produce the highest quality components (with as few visible stress marks as this process will allow). Further when one of our secondary processes (metal polishing, powder coating or wet paint spraying) are required on lighting reflectors or even other type components that require a high quality finish, it can further highlight the defects.  Even if it is a volume product this is where the robotic metal spinning process cannot compete, it will never match the quality of the manual metal spinner at J D Burford or any other company that undertakes such an activity.

In reality of course robotic automated metal spinning has its place in the future of our company, but if it is high quality high end specialist products that are being produced then the manual metal spinning process will currently not be beaten.  At J D Burford, unlike other metal spinners we have the capability of undertaking both manual metal spinning and cnc robotic fully automated metal spinning.  If you need a high quality finish we are the most capable on the market, if the component you require does not require such a high end finish but price and volume is key to the project, then we are also able to undertake this for you.  


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