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Daniel Burford - Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Metal Spinning Light Shades

At JD Burford our specialist Metal Spinning activity is the manufacture of large aluminium reflectors also known as highbays and factory lights.

Taking a metal circle/blank and checking the surface for any imperfections we punch a hole in the centre to provide support for the circle as it is worked and spun into shape.  This hole also keeps the blank/circle central as it is turned from a circle to a reflector.

The Metal Spinner loads the blank and starts working the metal to a desired predetermined shape.  Each metal spinner has their own set way of working the metal to form the desired shape, however, at JD Burford Ltd we encourage our metal spinners to work the job in stages, so that we achieve the perfect finish.  The stages are as follows:-

  • Form the top of the shade
  • Form the body of the shade
  • Plannish or work the metal right across the shade to iron out any imperfections in the metal that may have come to light as a result of the previous two stages.

Following these preset rules allows for the best quality reflector to be produced on the market.  There is one other ingredient that cannot be forgotten "a bloody good metal spinner!"

Finally the shade is trimmed back to size to ensure uniformity in size and further added value processes are carried out to the same high standard.