Metal Forming & Machining Capabilities

Our metal forming and machining manufacturing capabilities include:

Metal Spinning

Manual metal spinning – Known for our high quality surface finish, at J D Burford our metal spinners use this traditional method mostly where the appearance and finish of the metal spinning is the most important factor. Also the chosen forming route where volumes are smaller.

Fully Automated and unique Robotic metal Spinning facility for larger volume projects. This machine is totally robotic, it loads, metal spins and unloads the machine without an operator present. This efficient process allows for us to be competitive with our pricing. Also more suited where less maluable materials need to be spun such as stainless steel.

We are able to spin all types meterials, most common are steel, aluminium, copper, brass and stainless steel. Diameters of our current spinnings range from 20mm to 1600mm with a material range of 0.7mm to 3mm.

Hydraulic Deep Drawer Pressing

For precision tolerances and speed in manufacture drawing a volumes’ deep metal spinning can dramatically reduce manufacturing costs for customers. We truly are deep drawer specialists; we tool and design the process in house, allowing for the most competitive tooling and piece rate prices. Throughout the years we have helped many customers move away from metal spinning to this cheaper process when volumes have increased. Our capacity up to 100 tonne.

Mechanical Power Pressing

Again we have a range of small and large presses from 15 right through to 100 tonne. We can also cater for larger press tools that require a large area bed on the press.

Tool Making Facility

Fully equipped on site Tool making facility, we produce our own metal spinning and pressing tools, hydraulic and mechanical. CNC Milling also available

CNC Turned parts machine

At J D Burford we produce turned parts in a range of materials that include brass, steel and stainless steel at competitive rates, using our cnc machines.


Engineering Services

Find out more about our Engineering Services and the industries we have worked in here.